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Hunter Cole
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16-20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Patient
Family & Friends
Family: Ashley (sister)
Jack (little brother); deceased
Relationships: Kara Souders (Exgirlfriend,love interest, heart recipient, true love)

Edith (pre-show love interest)

Friends: Emma Chota
Leo Roth
Jordi Palacios
Dash Hosney
Kara Souders
Other Information
Series Information
First Appearance: "Ergo Ego"
Last Appearance: Alive in "The Guilted Age", as deceased in "Waiting for Superman"
Portrayer: Daren Kagasoff

Hunter Cole was a recurring character on Red Band Society. He was considered a 'sarcastic, intellectual bad boy.' Hunter is in need of a liver transplant due to liver damage from his leukemia treatments, but that doesn’t stop him from causing mischief as the group's first renegade member.

He is portrayed by Daren Kagasoff.

His Life

  • Kara Souders has a crush on him. They hooked up at the end of (1x08).
  • In the hospital for liver failure, which was caused by the treatment for his leukemia.
  • He has a sister named Ashley who wanted to donate half of her liver to him in episode 8 or "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car", ​​ but is afraid to accept the liver because the sugery could potentially kill her.
  • His little brother slipped into a coma after jumping off the roof into a pool. He died, without waking up.
  • He was pronounced dead during surgery in (1x11) when his body rejected the new liver.