Emma Chota is a sweet girl with a good heart. She has an eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa.

Emma ChotaEdit

Emma is one of the main characters in Red Band Society. She's at the hospital diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Throughout the series, she's seen putting weights in her pockets for weigh-ins and discarding food. Her disorder has taken over her life.

In the show, she has the nickname "The Girl Next Floor."

Personality Edit

  • Emma is shy and has trouble making friends.
  • Emma tends to be pretty quiet and is afraid of what people will think of her.
  • Emma is sweet and caring. She always puts others before herself.
  • Emma is always willing to help out other people.

Friendships Edit

Leo Roth - Emma and Leo have a strong friendship and an on-and-off relationship. It's obvious that they both care deeply about each other but things always seem to get in the way.

Jordi Palacios - Emma and Jordi are best friends. Jordi has always been there for Emma and understands her. There's a faint romance between them as they once had feeling for each other, but it soon subsides.

Dash Hosney - Emma and Dash have a good relationship with each other. Although they are two very different people, they've always been there for each other and have created a strong friendship.

Kara Souders - Emma and Kara had a very rough start. At the beginning on the series, they practically hated each other. As the show progressed, however, they decided to put away their differences and create a good friendship with each other.

Charlie Hutchison - Although Charlie was in a coma for the majority of the series, he was a part of their friend group. He was the original red bander and Emma had a special friendship with him.

Mae - Emma and Mae had the start of a nice friendship when Emma caught Mae taking a picture of her. Although their bond was short, they had a pleasant relationship with one another.