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Emma is one of the main characters in Red Band Society. She is in the hospital being treated for anorexia nervosa.

In the show, her nickname is "The Girl Next Floor"


Emma had a difficult social life in school. Her only friend was a girl named Kaylee, who moved away after two years. This caused Emma to become depressed, and spend her lunch in the library instead of eating, which eventually lead to her anorexia. Her mother realized something was wrong when she noticed safety pins a her dress that previously fit perfect.

After being admitted to the hospital, she met and formed a relationship with Leo Roth, but they broke up prior to the first episode. However, they regain their feelings each other. Jordi also grows feelings for Emma, which means she has to make a decision.

Eventually, she chooses Leo. He, and everybody else believes that Emma is doing better because she seems to be eating more and gaining weight. However, in reality, she had been stuffing weights in her pockets and hiding her food. Her therapist tells her she can go home, which she was excited about. Before leaving, she reveals to Leo that she is not doing better, and she wishes someone would notice but they don't. However, she still leaves.

Emma is re-admitted to the hospital, and told that her anorexia has caused her heart problems. The hospital realizes that they need to reboot their eating disorder treatment plans. Emma and her family attend family counseling. This initially causes a rift in her family, but eventually they are able to work out their problems.

As of the end of the series, Emma is still at the hospital getting treatment.


  • Emma is highly intelligent.
  • Emma tends to be pretty quiet and is afraid of what people will think of her.
  • Emma is sweet and caring. She always puts others before herself.
  • Emma is always willing to help out other people.
  • Emma has been known to study rather than do other recreational activities.
  • Emma tends to stand by her statement of "I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs."
  • Throughout the series, she was seen shoving weights in her pockets before her daily weighings to make it seem like she had gained weight.


Leo Roth - Emma and Leo have a strong friendship and an on-and-off relationship. It's obvious that they both care deeply about each other but things always seem to get in the way. In the midst of the series, Emma believes that Leo just wants to not be at each other's throats, as Leo wants to get back with her. Leo ends up hooking up with Kara, and that ends up ruining the relationship once again.

Jordi Palacios - Emma and Jordi are best friends. Jordi has always been there for Emma and understands her. There's a faint romance between them as they once had feelings for each other, but it soon subsides.

Dash Hosney - Emma and Dash have a good relationship with each other. Although they are two very different people, they've always been there for each other and have created a strong friendship.

Kara Souders - Emma and Kara had a very rough start. At the beginning of the series, they practically hated each other. As the show progressed, however, they decided to put away their differences, and soon created a strong friendship in which they were both there for each other.

Charlie Hutchison - Although Charlie was in a coma for the majority of the series, he was a part of their friend group. He was the original red bander and Emma had a special friendship with him.

Mae - Emma and Mae had the start of a nice friendship when Emma caught Mae taking a picture of her. Although their bond was short, they had a pleasant relationship with one another.