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Dash Hosney
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Patient
Aliases: "The Player"

(show's label)

Family & Friends
Family: Parents (unknown)
Relationships: Mae(ex-girlfriend) Delaney Shaw (flirtation)
Friends: Leo Roth (best friend)
Jordi Palacios (best friend)
Emma Chota (best friend)
Kara Souders (best friend)
Other Information
Series Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Astro

Dash Hosney is a main character on Red Band Society. He is a patient at Ocean Park Hospital for having cystic fibrosis, which is a disease that mainly affects the lungs and digestive system, but for him affects his lungs. He smokes cigarettes, as well as medical marijuana, despite his cystic fibrosis. He has the nickname 'the player.'

He is portrayed by Astro.


An 'ultra minimalistic' person, Dash gives off the insanely cool aesthetic, style-wise and attitude-wise, even vocally. He's a veteran rule breaker, though he seems to not take care of himself so well, and his jealousy and dependence on Leo can come off as controlling.

Season One[]


In the pilot, Dash is first seen when Charlie is doing the voiceover in the beginning of the episode in a closet smoking marijuana with Leo.

Sole Searching []


  • He is a little sexually ambitious and gets Brittany, the newest nurse, to give him a sponge bath and then proposes they have sex.
  • Like Leo, he is a bit of a rebel and doesn't normally follow the rules.
  • He's very protective of his friends, not wanting to lose Leo to Jordi.
  • He likes to give people "Medical Marijuana"
  • Likes to pull the virgin card on girls he wants to have sex with.
  • Best Friends with Leo Roth
  • He gets jealous
  • He is artistic, he spray painted on the wall of building


Leo Roth (Dash - Leo Friendship)[]

Dash and Leo seem to have a strong, healthy relationship and are great friends.


  • He is one of three patients that smoke, along with Leo Roth and Kara Souders.
  • His name appears in the hospital's elevator.
  • He spray painted a wall of the apartment building across from the hospital.


  • "Bitch, I'm from Brentwood."